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We know how it feels to be chained to your desk for hours sifting through data and trying to extract what you need. But why let your data dominate you? It is time to turn things around and put yourself in the driver’s seat. We’ve helped countless businesses do just that with our data visualization, database development, custom web development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Microsoft Office automation, and custom software integration services.

When you work with Integrity Data Insights, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to solving your toughest data challenges. That’s why we take the time to understand your biggest pain points and constraints as a business before recommending solutions to help drive your business to the next level.

Data Visualization

Kick Your Pain Points to the Curb

Are you tired of losing valuable time sifting through mountains of data or trying to make sense of your numbers? Are time-consuming tasks eating into your ability to grow and nurture your company? Are you losing clients because you’re behind the eight ball when it comes to delivering information? We hear you. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll help you navigate your toughest data challenges like a pro with user-friendly data visualizations.

Perhaps you’re looking to save time on mundane tasks so you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business. Or maybe you’re just trying to save money. (We find that most of the time, those two go hand in hand.) Or perhaps you’re striving to become more efficient or make more confident business decisions.

Whatever the case, we can leverage software, programs, and platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to bring you a customized solution that most accurately solves your biggest challenges. We’ll get you set up to access your most important data with the click of a button.

Database Development

Efficiently Collect & Store Data

Database development involves the design and creation of a database, as well as the analysis of raw data, to result in a structure that allows for the efficient storage and retrieval of that data. We help you get there by analyzing your organization’s goals and objectives, then developing a solution to store and organize data in such a way that won’t drain your time and money.

Even more importantly than the bottom-line goals, we transform your everyday mindset, from one of being stressed, overworked, and a victim of large volumes of data, to one of being assured, confident, and calm as you deliver detailed analyses to your clients in a timely manner. In the end, it’s up to you: the deliverables are the same – it’s how you get there that can make or break your business.

When developing your databases, we leverage the latest technologies including Microsoft SQL Server expertise, Microsoft SQL Service Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Oracle, PostGRE, and MySQL to create a database solution customized to your needs so you can dominate your data like a pro.

Custom Web Development

Delivering Personalized Website Solutions

Understanding the distinct nature of your business and its needs is at the core of our custom web development services. Our strategy is not to fit your operations into a pre-made mold; it’s about crafting solutions that work for your company and your people. We want to streamline your team’s efforts and eliminate the duplication of work.

Our personalized website solutions help you achieve greater efficiency using fewer resources. Our expertise in full stack web development transcends the ordinary, replacing outdated, manual operations with sophisticated, automated systems. We leverage technologies like Microsoft .NET (including MVC framework), WebApi development using .NET Core, HTML CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, React.js, Foundation framework, and Tailwind CSS to elevate your operational processes, offering solutions that are unique to your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Simplifying Search Delivery & Development

There’s no denying that AI is making a huge impact on all aspects of life, but particularly as it relates to the creation and retrieval of data. What used to take you hours to extract and create could now take seconds, with the help of artificial intelligence tools like Microsoft cognitive services.

Azure Cognitive Search, an AI-powered platform as a service (PaaS), helps developers build robust search experiences for applications. Armed with this tool, you can create searchable databases for employees and integrate natural language processing search experiences right into websites. Leveraging Microsoft Cognitive Services API integration with sentiment analysis and text classification, we help you turn your data into intelligence you can use.

Cloud Computing

Flexible, Scalable Cloud Solutions

Because the world of cloud computing is always evolving, this is one place where you don’t want to cut corners. Whether you use Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, our experienced team architects flexible, scalable cloud solutions designed to your specifications. Our innovative cloud transformation solutions help keep your operating costs in check while maximizing security, scalability, and speed.

Microsoft Office Automation

Do More with less

With Microsoft Office Automation, you can streamline repetitive workflows to boost your team’s efficiency and reduce costs. Not only can you automate tasks more quickly and securely, you can also augment your workflows with AI. The time you’re wasting on busy work is costing your business money. We empower you with the tools needed to cut through the clutter and capitalize on your team’s capacity with Microsoft Graph API and Microsoft Outlook Custom Add-In development.

Custom Software Integrations

Maximize the ROI on Your Software Investments

It is time for your business to work smarter, not harder. With custom software integrations, we can bridge the gap between your favorite go-to tools and data sources to ensure optimal workflow efficiency. Whether you need to integrate a CRM like Salesforce or an accounting software like Quickbooks, we’ve got you covered. Our custom software integrations help you maximize the ROI on your software investments.

Other Specialties

YeAh, We Do That Too

With each business comes a unique set of challenges to be navigated and opportunities to be explored. We’ve helped countless businesses overcome their biggest data challenges and craft solutions they never thought possible. Leveraging technologies like Docker, Microsoft Search Service, Jira, Git, Gitlabs, Microsoft Team Foundation, and more, we create tailored solutions to your exact specifications so you can drive your business to the next level.

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“When we found Andy it was a real windfall because he helped us with Tableau and an RFP combination reporting system. That gave us a whole leg up and an edge to our business. I highly recommend working with Integrity Data Insights. They work tirelessly to find what systems will work for you, whether it’s automation from Excel to platforms such as Tableau or just combining reporting that you have always wanted to do. Andy is creative, honest, has the greatest of integrity, and I think that nails the name of his company.”

Michael Holmes, Founder & CEO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s commitment has been really incredible. He feels like part of the team…he is flexible enough to jump in and solve things very quickly for us. I was taken aback by how knowledgeable he was of every system we have. We use him to build and support long-term projects that help our efficiency overall. Having the ability to scale and use him where it fits the business has been a huge benefit.”
Beth Teehan, COO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy is timely and efficient. One of the things I truly value about Andy is he is very proactive and solution-oriented and helps us understand the solution and how he got to that solution. The automated reports that Andy built…has enabled us to become more data-driven and take the guesswork or ‘feelings’ out of decisions…and really make them educated decisions.”
Jason Inderhees, SVP, Head of Sales at EMI Research Solutions
“This is a dream for us. We have all of our data in one centralized location – we can pull it in Tableau, we have pretty charts, and we have all these amazing filters we can pull from instantaneously. I would highly recommend Andy from Integrity Data Insights. Easy to work with. Good communication. It’s changed our business…we went from not being a data-driven company to a very data-driven company and that allows us to make better business decisions and be better against our competitors.”
Brian Lamar, Chief Insights Officer at EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s integrity and passion for data fully align with our company’s values and he is a great person to work with on a personal and professional level. Beyond Tableau reporting, Andy has had an impact on all departments in our company…from our sales team -making them more efficient – to accounting – saving them time and making things better to look at than what a QuickBooks output might be. We know that Andy is running checks on our system, making sure all the connections are functioning and that we are looking at up-to-date data.”
Amy Carley, EVP, Operations at EMI Research Solutions

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