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Case Study 1: Process Automation

Resulted in 60% Time Savings


Our client’s sales team was spending a significant amount of time producing sales proposals for their clients. The process involved copying-and-pasting parts of emails, manually looking up supplier email addresses, sending emails to multiple suppliers (5x-10x for each bid received), and typing data into their CRM systems. The sales team was spending most of their days typing in data instead of consulting with clients. In addition, the sales team had limited visibility into other bids made by other sales reps. The vendor management team had no visibility into how many times the sales team was bidding projects by certain suppliers.

Client Saved Over 60% of Sales Rep Time in Sending Proposals; Manual, Complex Process Replaced With Modern, Efficient, Automated Solution


We used technology to reduce and eliminate many of the manual steps of the bidding process. This completely modernized their processes, greatly reduced the time required to produce a bid (60% reduction), and streamlined communications to and from vendors. This also captured critical data that was used for analysis and better decisions on which vendors to use for similar projects going forward. We built real-time reporting so all stakeholders could see critical data captured instantly.


  • 60% time savings per sales bid input
  • Critical data points captured automatically for each project
  • Vendors’ pricing data captured automatically without sales typing it in
  • Detailed reports created to see which vendors are picked by project types
  • Sales reps have visibility to search all previous bids and see activity taken by other sales reps

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Outlook custom add-in
  • Website written in MVC framework
  • C#, .NET console back-end processes to route emails between the client and their partners

  • An integration with Salesforce using APIs to create opportunities and edit attributes

  • Microsoft SQL Server database used for storing project attributes

  • A website to search projects utilizing Azure Search technology to deliver results in seconds against non-structured data
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
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Case Study 2: Custom Web Design

Saving Weeks of Production & Resource Costs


Our client produces publications of legal citations with various U.S. state statutes (i.e., criminal law for Kentucky). The process was time consuming, manual, and required a team of temporary resources. Documents were passed from editor to editor. Management had no visibility into how much was completed and how much work remained on a given publication. It took months to produce each publication and many of the deliverables were completed well past their clients’ expected dates.

Custom Editorial Website Saves Weeks of Production Time and Resource Costs


We overhauled the process by parsing and loading the state statues into a database. We then built a customized website for all editors to easily input their contributions. This eliminated the need for the team to pass documents back and forth. It also eliminated the need for a large temporary workforce to perform minor syntax fixes on the documents. We added real-time reporting so management can see the exact status of publication completion.


  • New publications produced significantly faster (3+ weeks faster)
  • Fewer resources required to produce the publications, resulting in cost savings
  • Fewer errors introduced as publications no longer passed to multiple editors
  • Status reporting created to instantly see completion % of each publication

Technology Used

  • SQL Server used for storing the publication data
  • MVC framework for .net C# web application
  • Docker containers for publishing to AWS
  • AWS cloud services
  • Gitlabs for source control and pipeline deployments
Case Study 2, custom web design for criminal procedure

Case Study 3: Data Visualization

An On-Demand Reporting Platform for Data-Driven Decisions


Our client was unable to get answers to critical business questions. They were limited by a handful of Excel reports compiled by employees. They had data from three primary sources. A CRM system, accounting system, and proprietary software. They had no way to combine data from these multiple sources into single reports. The company was not relying on data to make many decisions.

Company Can Now Make Better Decisions with Centralized Data and an On-Demand Reporting Platform


We created a cloud-based data warehouse. We built processes to automatically bring data into the warehouse and refresh. We explored reporting solution vendors and chose Tableau. We set up a cloud-based reporting platform and authored many reports based on our client’s needs. Now, anyone in the company can get access to the critical business data they need. The company now makes data-driven decisions. We continue to help them build new dashboards and run more efficiently.


  • Dozens of dashboards and hundreds of reports available to users
  • Data is automatically refreshed and up to date
  • Reports utilize data from all business systems at once
  • Saved resource time by not producing one-off reports

Technology Used

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Cloud
  • SQL Server Database
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Salesforce Data Loader
  • 3rd party software to extract QuickBooks data
Text message analysis from Integrity Data Insights
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“When we found Andy it was a real windfall because he helped us with Tableau and an RFP combination reporting system. That gave us a whole leg up and an edge to our business. I highly recommend working with Integrity Data Insights. They work tirelessly to find what systems will work for you, whether it’s automation from Excel to platforms such as Tableau or just combining reporting that you have always wanted to do. Andy is creative, honest, has the greatest of integrity, and I think that nails the name of his company.”

Michael Holmes, Founder & CEO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s commitment has been really incredible. He feels like part of the team…he is flexible enough to jump in and solve things very quickly for us. I was taken aback by how knowledgeable he was of every system we have. We use him to build and support long-term projects that help our efficiency overall. Having the ability to scale and use him where it fits the business has been a huge benefit.”
Beth Teehan, COO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy is timely and efficient. One of the things I truly value about Andy is he is very proactive and solution-oriented and helps us understand the solution and how he got to that solution. The automated reports that Andy built…has enabled us to become more data-driven and take the guesswork or ‘feelings’ out of decisions…and really make them educated decisions.”
Jason Inderhees, SVP, Head of Sales at EMI Research Solutions
“This is a dream for us. We have all of our data in one centralized location – we can pull it in Tableau, we have pretty charts, and we have all these amazing filters we can pull from instantaneously. I would highly recommend Andy from Integrity Data Insights. Easy to work with. Good communication. It’s changed our business…we went from not being a data-driven company to a very data-driven company and that allows us to make better business decisions and be better against our competitors.”
Brian Lamar, Chief Insights Officer at EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s integrity and passion for data fully align with our company’s values and he is a great person to work with on a personal and professional level. Beyond Tableau reporting, Andy has had an impact on all departments in our company…from our sales team -making them more efficient – to accounting – saving them time and making things better to look at than what a QuickBooks output might be. We know that Andy is running checks on our system, making sure all the connections are functioning and that we are looking at up-to-date data.”
Amy Carley, EVP, Operations at EMI Research Solutions

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