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Data doesn’t have to be boring. At Integrity Data Insights, we bring your data to life in a way that helps drive your business forward. Since 2017, we’ve helped companies just like yours with data reporting; data analytics; data-driven business websites; data management and warehousing; and data enrichment, cleaning, and standardization so they can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Integrity Data Insights is in the business of solving problems faced every day for companies just like yours. Our no-nonsense approach solves your pain points by providing a clear understanding of critical data so you can focus on more important things – like running your business. Who has time to hassle with searching for numbers when all you want to know is the bottom line? We’re low on red tape and high on results, meaning you get what you need without all the distractions.

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Integrity Data Insights serves small- and mid-sized companies throughout the United States. If you feel like you’re drowning in data that doesn’t make sense, or your team is wasting valuable time on manual processes, Integrity Data Insights is here to help. Here at Integrity Data Insights, our mission is to help companies achieve greater success through simple, reliable access to information. We pride ourselves on being up-front, honest, and transparent in all interactions from day one.

When you work with Integrity Data Insights, we become an extension of your team but without the overhead of salary, benefits, and other large commitments. We rely on our wide range of data and tech skills to help build complete data solutions for our clients, but most of all, we realize the need to be accommodating and approachable. That’s why you’ll find we are easy to work with and take great satisfaction and joy in building solutions you would think would only be possible with huge software packages or very expensive budgets. We do more with less, offering flexible arrangements based on client needs. When you need us, we’re here. Strong communication skills and transparency are rare in this industry which is why we place a great emphasis on being highly accessible to our clients.

When you’re ready to dominate your data, our team is here to help you sidestep the red tape and start driving results.

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owner of integrity data insights, Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy


After graduating from Cleveland State University with a degree in Computer Information Science, Andy had a successful 16-year career in corporate America primarily working for LexisNexis. He held several roles involving data reporting and creating technology to deliver critical business information to sales, marketing, and leadership teams.

After a while, Andy saw a need for business leaders to have simple, reliable access to key data, so they can make more informed decisions with confidence. In 2017, Andy started Integrity Data Insights to do just that. As a results-oriented technology professional specializing in data manipulation, data analytics, and database development, Andy brings more than 21 years of experience to the table. Bridging the gap between business and technology, Andy effectively manages each stage of software development, from conception to release, while transforming vague project requirements into focused, innovative products.

Andy completed his MBA through the University of Dayton in May 2020. Residing in Miamisburg, Ohio, Andy and his wife of 22 years, Deanna, have three children—Sarah, Charlotte, and Alex.

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  • “Andy feels like part of the team.”
  • “It took me a month to realize he wasn’t a full-time employee.”
  • “He was incredibly flexible with us and truly challenged our team to think differently.”
  • “I was taken aback by how knowledgeable he was of every system that we had.”
  • “Even if we haven’t spoken with him in a week, we know he’s still looking at our work behind the scenes.”
  • “He’s creative, he’s honest, and has the greatest of integrity.”

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