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Custom Database Development Services

Do you ever feel like your team is so caught up in busy work – like manual data entry – that they don’t have time for higher pay-off activities that better utilize their skills and drive value for your company? That ends here. We’ll help you leverage the latest in cloud computing, process automation, software integrations, custom database development, and more, to automate time-consuming, manual processes that slow down your team and your business.

Our experienced team equips you with the tools you need to ensure a seamless digital transformation journey. We’ll show you how to not only improve productivity but to increase agility and optimize client satisfaction as well. Digital transformation involves changing how your enterprise leverages technology, people, and processes to optimize performance while embracing new business models. This cultural shift impacts all areas of your business, from sales and marketing to operations and customer service.

full stack web developer
  • Replace complex, manual processes with automated solutions
  • Take your customer service to the next level with less time
  • Produce the same results with fewer resources
  • Give your team the tools they need to work more efficiently
  • Find time to tap into your team’s full potential

Full Stack Web Developer

Custom Web Development

We get it, your business is unique, and so are your needs. You have unique processes that don’t fit off-the-shelf software, but you’re also tired of your manual, inefficient way of doing things. We build solutions tailored to your processes so you don’t end up with a cookie cutter template for handling business ops. Your team will never have to type in the same information twice or waste time on repetitive tasks! The result? Fewer resources are required to produce the same results and you have an opportunity to provide better service to your customers. Best of all, full-stack web development replaces complex manual processes with modern, efficient, automated solutions. With our full stack web development solutions, you can level-up your processes without having to settle for cookie-cutter solutions that feel like they were built for someone else.

Maximizing Your Time

With Integrity Data Insights

  • “Andy was fantastic to work with.”
  • “He could interpret what my need was and use the technology to make it into something that fit our needs exactly.”
  • “Andy is really responsive, he has really good ideas, and seems to understand the thrust of what we’re going for.”
  • “He came up with a way to make it a one-click process. The amount of time that saved me and the amount of stress that saved me, I cannot overstate.”

Database Developer

Design, Program, Construct, Implement, Modify

Are you drowning in data that you know is valuable, but you don’t know how to use? Join the club. If you’re like most businesses, you don’t know how to collect and organize your data in a way that puts the right information at your fingertips at the right time. But don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Our team of experienced database developers takes the time to understand what data you want to see, and how you plan to use it. From there, we build your database for the easy retrieval, manipulation, and analysis of information. Whether you need a new database design, help troubleshooting existing database problems, or a useful summary of your incoming data, we’ve got you covered. Our seasoned data team has experience in many database technologies, including SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and more.

Essentially, the goal of database development is to create a structure that allows for the efficient storage and retrieval of data. It’s basically a blueprint for the database, and should meet the unique needs of a business. Custom database development results in improved access to information, improved database performance, easier ability to produce reports, and less time spent waiting around for answers.

database developer
  • Replace complex processes with efficient, automated solutions
  • Put the right information at your team’s fingertips
  • Maximize the efficiency of your data storage
  • Easily retrieve, manipulate, and analyze critical information
  • Leverage SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and other latest technologies
person looking at beautiful data visualization
  • Seamlessly integrate with your favorite Microsoft Office products
  • Free your team up from their email inboxes
  • Speed up communication with leads, customers, and partners
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Put key data at your team’s fingertips

Microsoft Office Automation

Add Value with Customized Solutions

If you’re like most businesses, you use Microsoft Office products at one level or another. Whether you use Microsoft Outlook for your email service, or Excel for running numbers, there are no-doubt Microsoft Office automations you can leverage to increase your team’s efficiency. For example, what if you could automatically read emails from a shared mailbox and route them to the correct sales person? Or what if you had an Outlook Add-in setup to allow your sales team to communicate with clients more easily? The possibilities are endless.

Our Microsoft Office Automation services help your team communicate more effectively with leads, customers, and partners by reducing time spent reading emails, manually inputting data, looking up project details, and more.

Eliminate Busy Work

Automated Processes & Emails

  • “Andy has really had an impact on all departments in our company.”
  • “One of the biggest benefits that Andy gave to our company was centralizing our RFP system.”
  • “It truly is a control center and it really is our communication tool that brings a ton of efficiencies in.”
  • “It’s immediate gratification, which is what we’re all looking for in this day and age.”
  • “That search function has opened up a world of efficiency from a timing perspective. Time is money and it saves us both.”

QuickBooks Integrations

Seamlessly Connect Your Sales Channels to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting software products out there, designed to help companies manage income and expenses while keeping track of overall financial health. With our seamless QuickBooks integration service, you’ll spend less time on accounting and more time on understanding and building your business. We’ll help you link this accounting software with your CRM to provide a single view of client work, payments, invoices, and more.

Customized for your industry, we help you improve your productivity with specialized features that allow you to take advantage of all the tools you need to position yourself for growth. We empower you with the key tools necessary to manage your business on the go, automate your spending, and organize your expenses, all with one-click reporting and an easy-to-use dashboard view.

QuickBooks integrations
  • Free up time with one-click reporting
  • Track your overall financial health
  • Spend less time on accounting and more time growing your business
  • Easily link this accounting software with your CRM
  • Improve productivity with specialized features
Salesforce integrations
  • Get robust Salesforce custom integration solutions
  • Increase sales and grow your bottom line
  • Boost client retention rates
  • Reduce time spent on busy work like data entry
  • Equip your sales reps to earn more

Salesforce Integrations

Save Valuable Time on Mundane Data Entry

Do you use Salesforce for your CRM, but worry you’re not using it to its fullest? It may be time to integrate your Salesforce with another application to merge your data in a more meaningful way for your business. To that end, we help sales teams reduce time spent on insignificant activities such as data entry by creating automated technical solutions. This allows your sales team to focus on improving client satisfaction, increasing sales, and making more money.

As a sales leader, you may feel your team is wasting time manually inputting or collecting data instead of spending time on creating value for your company. We use business intelligence reporting tools to streamline and automate those processes. The result? Your sales team can now deliver more sales and retain more clients for your business, growing your bottom line. More sales, higher customer retention, increased cost savings, happier sales reps that make more money ‒ reap the rewards of a robust Salesforce custom integration solution with us.

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“When we found Andy it was a real windfall because he helped us with Tableau and an RFP combination reporting system. That gave us a whole leg up and an edge to our business. I highly recommend working with Integrity Data Insights. They work tirelessly to find what systems will work for you, whether it’s automation from Excel to platforms such as Tableau or just combining reporting that you have always wanted to do. Andy is creative, honest, has the greatest of integrity, and I think that nails the name of his company.”

Michael Holmes, Founder & CEO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s commitment has been really incredible. He feels like part of the team…he is flexible enough to jump in and solve things very quickly for us. I was taken aback by how knowledgeable he was of every system we have. We use him to build and support long-term projects that help our efficiency overall. Having the ability to scale and use him where it fits the business has been a huge benefit.”
Beth Teehan, COO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy is timely and efficient. One of the things I truly value about Andy is he is very proactive and solution-oriented and helps us understand the solution and how he got to that solution. The automated reports that Andy built…has enabled us to become more data-driven and take the guesswork or ‘feelings’ out of decisions…and really make them educated decisions.”
Jason Inderhees, SVP, Head of Sales at EMI Research Solutions
“This is a dream for us. We have all of our data in one centralized location – we can pull it in Tableau, we have pretty charts, and we have all these amazing filters we can pull from instantaneously. I would highly recommend Andy from Integrity Data Insights. Easy to work with. Good communication. It’s changed our business…we went from not being a data-driven company to a very data-driven company and that allows us to make better business decisions and be better against our competitors.”
Brian Lamar, Chief Insights Officer at EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s integrity and passion for data fully align with our company’s values and he is a great person to work with on a personal and professional level. Beyond Tableau reporting, Andy has had an impact on all departments in our company…from our sales team -making them more efficient – to accounting – saving them time and making things better to look at than what a QuickBooks output might be. We know that Andy is running checks on our system, making sure all the connections are functioning and that we are looking at up-to-date data.”
Amy Carley, EVP, Operations at EMI Research Solutions

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