Business Intelligence

It’s Not Just for Big Companies

In a nutshell, business intelligence is software that analyzes business data and presents it in user-friendly views such as through dashboards, reports, charts, and graphs. To that end, we offer comprehensive business intelligence solutions to meet client needs, utilizing everything from data visualization and reporting to data analytics.

We are in the business of solving pain points for every level of your organization. You can use the insights gained from data analysis and business intelligence to enhance business decisions, identify problems or issues, detect market trends, and mine new revenue or business opportunities.

Business intelligence helps organizations like yours become data-driven enterprises, while boosting performance and gaining that competitive advantage you need to thrive. Our business intelligence consulting services will not only provide automated client reporting solutions, but will help you make sense of it all.

data visualization reporting
  • Detect patterns and outliers in your data
  • Stop scrambling to create one-off reports
  • Gain simple, reliable access to key information
  • Make sense of charts and graphs
  • Make confident, data-driven decisions

Data Visualization & Reporting

Know Your Numbers Like Never Before

If you’re like most companies, you’re drowning in data ‒ billing data, sales data, marketing data, and much more ‒ all in different formats and systems. With the latest data visualization tools, we’ll help you make sense of the data that is most important to you once and for all.

Data has been called the new oil – the world’s most valuable resource. But just like oil, data needs to be processed and refined to make it usable. Data visualization helps you make sense of your data with charts, graphs, and other simple visuals so you can easily spot outliers and other trends that help your make informed business decisions.

Data visualization helps business leaders make actionable, data-driven decisions with simple, reliable access to information, saving you resource time from having to constantly scramble and create one-off reporting. Now, your small- to mid-sized company can make better decisions by centralizing data and adding an on-demand reporting platform.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Real-Time Data that Moves at the Speed of Business

  • “His background and experience in reporting was instrumental.”
  • “We can pull reports and make much more actionable decisions very quickly, almost real time.”
  • “It’s just been a game changer for us. This is really a dream for us.”
  • “It’s allowed us to make faster decisions and to see trends in data a lot more quickly than we used to be able to.”
  • “We’re reliant on (data) to make million-dollar decisions on a daily basis. That’s what reporting is all about.”
  • “It gave us a chance to be more accountable to all of our team members and do a much better job on the reporting side.”

Data Analytics

Increase Efficiency to Boost Profit

What if you could have a birds eye view of your key business metrics? How would that impact your ability to make decisions, fix inefficiencies in your business, and drive your business forward? Meet your new secret weapon, data analytics. With easy to use data analytics dashboards, it has never been more simple, or more fun, to dive into your numbers.

We take your raw data, then clean and append attributes to extract actionable insights that drive better business decisions. When done right, data analytics can help you find hidden insights in your company data, so you can make data-driven decisions to reduce costs, explore growth opportunities, gain competitive advantages, increase ROI on marketing, and more. If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of your numbers so you can make business decisions with confidence, it’s time to level up your data-analytics game.

Data Analytics dashboard in an office
  • Find hidden insights within company data
  • Get real-time snapshots and big-picture views
  • Extract answers from your data with simple, reliable reporting
  • Dashboard solutions that lead to smart business decisions
  • Explore growth opportunities and gain competitive advantages
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“When we found Andy it was a real windfall because he helped us with Tableau and an RFP combination reporting system. That gave us a whole leg up and an edge to our business. I highly recommend working with Integrity Data Insights. They work tirelessly to find what systems will work for you, whether it’s automation from Excel to platforms such as Tableau or just combining reporting that you have always wanted to do. Andy is creative, honest, has the greatest of integrity, and I think that nails the name of his company.”

Michael Holmes, Founder & CEO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s commitment has been really incredible. He feels like part of the team…he is flexible enough to jump in and solve things very quickly for us. I was taken aback by how knowledgeable he was of every system we have. We use him to build and support long-term projects that help our efficiency overall. Having the ability to scale and use him where it fits the business has been a huge benefit.”
Beth Teehan, COO of EMI Research Solutions
“Andy is timely and efficient. One of the things I truly value about Andy is he is very proactive and solution-oriented and helps us understand the solution and how he got to that solution. The automated reports that Andy built…has enabled us to become more data-driven and take the guesswork or ‘feelings’ out of decisions…and really make them educated decisions.”
Jason Inderhees, SVP, Head of Sales at EMI Research Solutions
“This is a dream for us. We have all of our data in one centralized location – we can pull it in Tableau, we have pretty charts, and we have all these amazing filters we can pull from instantaneously. I would highly recommend Andy from Integrity Data Insights. Easy to work with. Good communication. It’s changed our business…we went from not being a data-driven company to a very data-driven company and that allows us to make better business decisions and be better against our competitors.”
Brian Lamar, Chief Insights Officer at EMI Research Solutions
“Andy’s integrity and passion for data fully align with our company’s values and he is a great person to work with on a personal and professional level. Beyond Tableau reporting, Andy has had an impact on all departments in our company…from our sales team -making them more efficient – to accounting – saving them time and making things better to look at than what a QuickBooks output might be. We know that Andy is running checks on our system, making sure all the connections are functioning and that we are looking at up-to-date data.”
Amy Carley, EVP, Operations at EMI Research Solutions

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